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About FreeFlarum⚓︎


The tech giants AmaFaceGooAppTwit have won enormous power over our society. We have handed them our most precious asset: our attention and trust. In recent years the dangers have shown. Proliferation of fake news, undemocratic actors gaining influence over elections, mass manipulation for commercial interest. Google and Facebook make an effort to (publicly) fight this, but their hands are tied by their shareholder masters -- who demand profits.

It is time that society regains that power. And we should start with communication. There is no reason why the exchange of ideas should be subjected to profits or political stakes.

The FreeFlarum vision is simple: people will get increasingly sick of multinationals monetizing their lives. And an open platform such as Flarum is a fantastic means to take some power back in our own hands.

Mission & values⚓︎

FreeFlarum works to make online communities simple and available to anyone. It complements the awesome, open source Flarum software with a click-and-go service, that provides free, instant and maintenance free forums that can be used by anyone.

Mission: people will be the owner of their online communities once again

We are a "keep customers happy" company. You are the owner of your forum/data. We will not lock you in, in any way. If you want to move your forum elsewhere, we will totally facilitate that. We will not use dark marketing patterns.


Feature requests are weighed using the FreeFlarum priorities:

  1. Does it make starting and managing communities easier?

    • Lowers entry barrier to use?
    • Makes managing a community more fun?
    • Helps improve forum engagement?
  2. Does it contribute to keep FreeFlarum a sustainable project?

    • Does it contribute to Flarum itself?
    • Attracts more forums?
    • Attracts larger forums?